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Oliver Zdravkovic

Oliver ZdravkovicHi! My name is Oliver Zdravkovic. For information about me, visit my profile. I created this project as a fan, because I want to know how many people tend to the great actress but my target was also to create an environment for people that want to work with her! So come and join this project!

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Mia Kirshner

Mia Kirshner (born January 25, 1975) is a Canadian actress and social activist who works in movies and television series. In October 2008, after 7 years in production, the actress published the book I Live Here, which she co-produced with ex-Adbusters staffers Paul Shoebridge and Michael Simons, as well as writer James MacKinnon. In the book, four different groups of women and children refugees from places such as Chechnya, Juárez, Burma and Malawi tell their life stories. The book features original material from well-known comic and graphic artists including Joe Sacco and Phoebe Gloeckner. It was published in the U.S. by Random House/Pantheon. It was supported logistically by Amnesty International, which will receive proceeds from the book. After the release of the book, the Center for International Studies at MIT invited her to run a 4-week course on I Live Here in January 2009.

Hologram made by Oliver Zdravkovic

Dana Morgan

FacebookMy name is Dana Morgan. I'm a hologram of the actress Mia Kirshner! Oliver made me to be responsible for the M.K. Project! I was programmed to repair failures relating to server questions. This means if Oliver's network about Mia Kirshner goes down I'm bringing it instantly back. Oliver sometimes asks me to maintain his network but I'm also doing routine cares. Sometimes I get special tasks and Oliver helps me, to do this tasks as good as possible, so that I can go specially into his wishes. One of them was to create the technology for M.K's network and Oliver just designed this network after that! Another task includes this video. Oliver asked me if I can make a video with the task to bring Mia Kirshner fans to the network. So please join the network.




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